Top 10 World’s Best Casino Cities

The term Casino is derived from Italian word ‘Casa’ which basically means a small villa or pavilion which are built for pleasure. A Casino is a public room or a building which accommodate various sort of gambling activities. Over the past few decades, Casinos are the source of Entertainment and attract loyal patrons. Along with the ambiance they provide to the gamblers, there is Global Casino Market which gross thousand of million dollars worldwide. The gambling activities are purely games of chance such as Craps, baccarat, video poker, blackjack etc. Today Casinos have flourished are over the World and are combined with five star hotels, restaurants or other tourist attractions. Here is the list of Top Casino Cities which are specifically renowned for their Casinos.

1. Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas has been number one destination to go for gambling. The city is favorable for its blending flavor of huge and colorful lights, free alcohol, the glamour and the glitz. Las Vegas is situated in US State of Nevada and is in fact the most populous city of the state and 31st most populous city of United States. The city is renowned as the Entertainment Capital of the World and has chair for gambling for every age group. It is famous for its consolidated casino hotels like the Wynn, the Bellagio, the Sands, Mandalay Bay and several others. Las Vegas is not confined to the city area but also include areas beyond city limits like resorts area near the Las Vegas Strip, plus the Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas is famous for shooting of films and television programs. The city is termed as Sin City because of its tolerance for different forms of adult entertainment stuffs. The major hotels and casinos are located on the Fremont Street.

2. Macau, People’s Republic of China

Macau is one of the casino destination in the People’s Republic of China. From last few years Macau has become biggest casino center in the world providing immense luxury to its tourists. Besides its comfort and luxurious life style Macau is cheap and great place for gamblers. The city is growing in terms of gambling as the city has space for gambling bigger than four American fields of football. Various casino brands have planned to set up their five star hotels and casinos in Macau. Due to its second highest expectancy in World and a very high Human Development Index the city is preferred for its living style. Flourishing of huge and vast casinos has made Macau as the New Las Vegas of the World attracting immense crowd of gamble lovers. Macau is situated southwest of Hong Kong which is another prominent city in China and is 60 kilometers away from the city.

3. Gambling Cruise

Gambling Cruise are that places which enable gamblers not to stick to one resort for gambling vacations. So much of stuffs are there when you are celebrating vacations on the high seas but the international waters specifically means time to gamble. Cruise ships offer wide range of gambling actions while touring on the Caribbean, Indian Ocean or the Mediterranean. The concept of Gambling Cruise not only includes the act of gambling on the boat but one can also gamble in several resorts where one will end up at. The cruises are also favorable because a huge quantity and quality of drunken fish are available near the seas. Tourists may opt for such a Cruise for gambling vacation rather than heading towards Vegas or Macau because Sea is considered as pretty damn cool. The gambling boats are equipped with the highly touted electronic tables of poker.

4. Melbourne, Australia

If you are planning for a long gambling trip then Melbourne is the destination you are looking for. Melbourne is not just meant for gambling and there is lot much to see and do because of its vibrant atmosphere. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and second most populous city in Australia. Melbourne is the place where you will have great time not only because of gambling ambiance but the people there are just fantastic. The prominent Casino of Melbourne is the Crown Casino which is located on the south bank of the River Yarra. The complex of casino has area of 510,000 m² which is nearly equal to the area of two city blocks. Thus it is the one of the largest Casino Complex of the World and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Crown Casino was opened in 1994 and initially was located on the north bank of river Yarra and then it move to new complex at south bank in year 1997.

5. Atlantic City, United States

Another destination for gambling appetite is Atlantic City. Atlantic City is located in New Jersey, United States. The city is renowned for its huge choice of resorts for leisure and gambling. The city has roots on the Absecon Island on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. If one is in the east of United States and want to spend gambling holidays then Atlantic is the perfect choice. It is regarded as second important casino city after Las Vegas. The list of casinos constitute The Atlantic Casino Hotel, ACH Casino Resort, Sands Atlantic City, Golden Nugget and Trump Plaza etc. The city is currently having 12 Casinos and is termed as the “Gambling Capital of the East Coast”. The City is linked through three major routes which are Black Horse Pike, White Horse Pike and the Atlantic City Expressway. The city is 212 km away from New York City.

6. London, England

London is a beautiful city and a more of fun city in terms of resorts and casinos with best gambling amenities in the world. It is the place where one can confined himself in the indoor activities and will definitely enjoy the nice and pleasant weather. It is the capital of United Kingdom and the largest in terms of immense measures. Casinos like The Casino at the Empire, The Hippodrome Casino London, The Palm Beach Casino, The Golden Nugget etc are the leading casinos in the city. Besides its world of entertainment, London is leading financial center of the world and has huge strength in various aspects like arts, education,commerce, fashion, media, finance etc. The city proves to be a attractive destination for vacations for the people of European Countries.

7. Los Angeles, United States

Surrounding with the beaches and adding to the list of favorite destinations, Los Angeles known as L.A is place for poker’s best players who are professional and achieved huge success as gamblers. The city major gambling attractions are The Bicycle, Hollywood Park Commerce, the Hustler casinos further adding 30 other casinos which are located along the beautiful coast on the way to San Diego. It is located in California State of United States and the United States’s second most populous city, the first being New York City. Along with its name in gambling zone, it is the home base of Hollywood and leads in the creation of video games, recorded music and television productions. Fact which favors flourishing of casinos and pubs is that the city is most diverse among the largest cities of the United States. The city has its name in the leading sectors of business, entertainment, international trade, media, culture, science, sports and fashion etc.

8. Bahamas, Atlantic Ocean

Bahamas hosts beautiful beaches and renowned as one of the most pleasing vacation spot. The islands may not renowned globally for its casinos but the Paradise Island originally named as the Atlantis is a treasure land for gamble lovers. The country is located in the north of cuba and consists of more than 3000 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas territory covers 180,000 square miles of space from ocean. The Paradise Island has area of 685 acres and known widely for its sprawling and fantastic resort Atlantis. Resorts International develops the Island and made it a gambling resort. The gambling business also provides huge employment to Bahamanian natives. Resorts stock attracts huge attention of Media and also covers the first page of Los Angeles Times.

9. Monte Carlo, Monaco

It is said that you will not get casinos like the ones in Monte Carlo. It is the area of Monaco and specifically known for ward of Monte Carlo (Spélugues) where the Monte Carlo Casino is located. Monte Carlo is known for its international extravagant display of wealth. It is located along the river French Riviera at the base of the Maritime Alps. Monte Carlo is renowned for its world famous gambling center ‘du Casino’ which comprises the Hotel de Paris, the Salle Garnier and the Café de Paris. The Salle Garnier is called as home for the Opera de Monte Carlo. The eastern border of Monte Carlo has French town-Beausoleil. Despite its unique casinos, Monte Carlo is leading tourist resort place in Europe. Monte Carlo Casino include facilities like Stud Poker, Video Poker, Blackjack, Slot Machines and Craps.

10. Aruba, Caribbean Sea

Aruba is located in the Southern Caribbean Sea and is 33 km long island. Together with the island of Bonaire and Curacao it is referred to a group called as the ABC Islands. Aruba fetches attraction of tourists because of its gorgeous Casinos. Like the Crystal Casino there are several others which are extremely stunning and the worth place to go. It is another place where one will not stick to gambling and will explore the beaches we could not ever dream of. Aruba will make your vacations bit relaxing as it has warm and sunny weather with less rain unlike most of the Carribean Region.